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Common problems
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Common problems
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Thank you for choosing to use the electric heaters branded Shengman,made by TherMion Electric heating Machinery Co.,Ltd.Before installing,please read this manual carefully and keep it for future reference.

The safety and performance of the heaters are reliant onproper handing,installation,operation and maintenance.Based on our years of after-sales service experience,wesummarize the following recommendations to help youminimize the potential hazards.Proper usage can raiseheating efficiency,lower sheath temperature,lengthenheater life and sustainability of the heaters in combinationwith other products in your own application.

* The instruction is applicable to ceramic,mica,aluminum,copper and air cooling heaters.


1.  Disconnect all power before installing heaters to avoidelectric shock.

2.  Keep heaters in dry,clean and ventilating places;must handle with care.

3.  Avoid contact between heaters and oil,liquid and plastic granules to prevent from current leakage and wire burnout.

4.  Keep combustible materials far away from the effects of high temperature and avoid mounting heaters in an environment containing combustible liquids,gases or vapors to prevent fire/explosion hazards.

5. Heaters should not be bent or deformed as insulation may get damaged.


1.  Heaters must be tightened to the heated object (e.g.barrel) and ensure the surface clean and smooth.

2.  Make sure the installation position is in line with the specification of heaters.

3.  Make sure bolts and nuts ars tightened to ensure long heater life and stable heat transfer.

4.  Wiring part should be positioned outside of heating and insulating blanket.The sheath must be effectively grounded.

5. While wiring,fasten the screws and tighten the thrum to avoid arc strikes which may destroy the wiring system.


1. Do not operate heaters at voltages higher than that marked on heaters; if different, the difference should not exceed 10%.

2.  Heaters must be tightened again to the heated object after being used to avoid heater loose due to thermo expansion.

3.  Often check and make sure the thermostat(e.g.thermocouple)is functioning to avoid over-heating which may cause damage on heaters.

4.  Do not operate heaters in environments which may involve the following contaminants to prevent current leakage,shock hazards,permanent heater damage and heater failure.

     a)  Corrosive liquids and vapors

     b)  Water or water vapors

     c)  Grease,oil or oil vapors

     d)  Reactive or noxious gases

5.  Protective cover is suggested to use to prevent from burning.

6.  As the insulation material may get moisturized during transportation and cause Low Megohm Condition, when the  insulation  resistance  is  lower  than  1MΩ, we recommend bake heaters in an oven under 150-250 for 5-6 hours.

7.  Moisture accumulation in the refractory material,element over-temperature or sheath corrosion may cause ground fault to the sheath, generating arcing and molten metal. So we recommend install Ground Fault Protection to avoid potential damage.

8.  Dust  or  pollutant  on  the  heater  surface  should  be cleaned up as it may affect the heat dispersion and shorten heater life.





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