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Tel:+86-515-8866 1558


address :No.6 Zhenxing Rd.Yifeng Town,Yancheng City,Jiangsu Province, China
The phone:+86-515-8866 1558
Mobile phone:+86-180 7163 2800
fax:+86-515-8866 7800
The url:www.thermioncn.com/en
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Project Management Assistant
---Provide service for the project in Shanghai. 
---Provide assistance to the project manager for everyday work.
---Responsible for file management, customer service for students and . 
---College degree and above
---Good English and computer skills. 
---Related working experience in the international organization.
---Patient, careful, supportive. Has strong team work spirit.  
Marketing Assistant
---Responsible for the local management of marketing and sales 
activities according to the instruction from the head office.
---Collect related information to the head office.
---College degree and above with good English (speaking and writing).
---Develop relationship with local media and customers.
---College degree and above with good English (speaking and writing).
---With basic idea of sales and marketing, related experience is  
---Working experience in the international organization is a must.
---Good communication and presentation skills. 




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The company address:No.6 Zhenxing Rd.Yifeng Town,Yancheng City,Jiangsu Province, China
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