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The 10thChina Machinery Fair-Vietnam
origin:Yancheng TherMion Electric Heating Machinery Co.,Ltd. | release time:2017-8-8 | page views:

2010 China Mac Fair-Vietnam, being famous in the ASEAN countries, was successfully staged with features of large scale, many famous products, huge volume of business, high percentage of satisfaction and very high exhibitors retention rate. It was so grand that there were 200-odd exhibiting firms, more that 350 booths and 800 exhibitors. It was unprecedented that there were tens of thousands of professional visitors from all corners of Vietnam, Japan, China (Including Taiwan and Hong Kong), Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, U.S.A., and Europe; and there was one transaction with machines packing in 17 big containers. From the questionnaires we learned that exhibitors who were not satisfactory with the show accounted for only 3.92%, those will immediately book booths at the next show accounted of 20.46% and those may participate in after the show accounted for 38.56%. An official of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam said that China Mac Fair-Vietnam is one of the main channels for Vietnam to import Chinese machinery and equipment. Mr. Le Ngoc Thu, Consul General of Vietnam in Guangzhou praised that China Mac Fair-Vietnam is one of the most important and grand events that people focus their attention upon between Vietnam and China in the past ten years.                            

An Introduction to Economy and Machines Market in Vietnam

China, being the biggest trade partner of Vietnam, is the biggest exporting country for machinery and equipment into Vietnam. In the first half of this year, Vietnam has imported 6.2 billion U.S. Dollars of machinery and equipment, of which 2.1 billion were from China, with an increase of 16.5% over that of the previous period.

Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) in Vietnam in 2008 arrived at 71.7 billion U.S. dollars, nearly the same as that of China in 2007. The rate of increase of FDI in Vietnam that year was the highest in the world. Huge FDI has greatly increased the demands for various machines.

By the end of 2010, Vietnam will have invested tens of billions of U.S. dollars in express highway construction of 5,873㎞., of which North-South expressway is 3,262㎞, and the beltway network in Hanoi and Hochiminh City is 264 km. Billions U.S. dollars will be invested in power plants, harbors and other infrastructure construction in the years to come. But the information from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam shows that machines and equipment used in Vietnam manufacturing industry are very timeworn, the average service years are more than 20 years. ThusGovernment of Vietnam has recently issued regulations on reducing taxes and providing preferential conditions for importing some machinery and equipment.

Vietnamis not only a bridge for us to the ASEAN countries, but a big market herself.

C、Exhibit Scope

Engineering machines & equipment, construction equipment, petroleum-chemical equipment, power-generation equipment, mine equipment, transport equipment; medical instruments and equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, environmental protection equipment, grain and food processing equipment, agro. animal husbandry and fishing equipment; plastic equipment & machines, rubber machines, electric heating equipment, electric & machining equipment, sewing machines, garment machines, paper-making equipment, printing equipment, packaging equipment; electronic equipment, electric & pneumatic equipment, photoelectric & laser equipment; metal processing equipment, coil-line processing, instruments and meters, tools, molds & dies, blowers, motors, boilers and motive power machines; woodworking machines, air compressing and separating equipment, hydraulic equipment, used machines and equipment and other machines and equipment.

D、International Market Opening Up Funds for Small and Medium Size Enterprises in China

International Market Opening Up Funds for small and Medium Size Enterprises in China is to subsidize the enterprises to open up the international markets urged by the government.After the fair, the Organizing Committee will, in accordance with the Document “Management methods forInternational Market Opening Up Funds for small and Medium Size Enterprises”Caiqi[2010] 87 apply for the subsidy for those exhibitors accord with the Document .The subsidy will be allocated in according to the regulations of the Ministry of finance. If an exhibitor will apply for the subsidy at local organization, the exhibitor must inform the show organizer.

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